Mobile Phone Deals – Choosing the Right Deal for You

Can you recommend a good mobile phone deal?

When discussing mobile phones, this is probably the number one question I am asked by friends, family and colleagues. Unfortunately this is not an easy question to answer without finding out more about how a person uses their mobile phone. How often do you actually use your handset to make calls? Do you go online with your phone? Would you be lost without GPS navigation on your phone? (Pardon the pun).

Choosing the right type of mobile phone deal can be a tricky business. There are so many options available to you that the process can become confusing. In this article I will give you an overview of the three main types of mobile phone deals and present some of their advantages and disadvantages in the hope that it will help you find a deal that’s right for you.

Contract deals:

Contract deals are the most popular type of mobile phone deals. A contract deal will tie you to a contract for a set length of time, and will include a phone (sometimes free), a sim card and a set allowance of monthly minutes, texts and data. You will be billed extra if you go over the set monthly allowance.

Advantages of a contract deal:

  • Get the latest and most technologically advanced phone for (usually) no initial cost.
  • Pay a fixed amount per month for a set allowance of minutes, text messages and data: you can choose the right allowance to suit your own usage patterns.
  • Many mobile phone shops and websites offer free gifts and cash back deals with a contract, although you should be careful with these types of deals. Always read the small print as they can end up costing you more over the long run.

Disadvantages of a contract deal:

  • As the handset is subsidised by the network provider you can end up paying much more over the course of your contract than if you purchased the phone outright.
  • You will be tied into a contract for at least 12 months and often 24 months, meaning little chance of upgrading before you contract expires.
  • The handset is often locked to one provider’s network, meaning you cannot use it with another provider’s network after your contact has ended, although sometimes these phones can be unlocked at a cost.
  • You may not be able to get a contract deal unless you have a good credit record.

Sim only deals:

Sim only deals have become very popular in the last few years. When you sign up for a sim only deal, you will be sent a solitary sim card: no mobile phone is included in the deal. You must use the sim card in your existing handset.

Advantages of sim only deals:

  • It’s cheap. Purchasing a sim only deal usually involves no initial outlay of cash and often gives you more minutes, texts and data then a contract deal for the same monthly cost.
  • The length of the contract can be very short. Sim only deals range from as little as 30 days all the way up to 24 months, meaning you can call time on the contract when you want to. (Again, pardon the pun).

Disadvantages of sim only deals:

  • A mobile phone is not supplied with a sim only deal. This means that you will have to own a compatible mobile phone which may have to be unlocked prior to purchasing a sim only deal.

Pay as you go (PAYG) deals:

Pay as you go deals have been around almost as long as contract deals. With a PAYG deal you can purchase a phone and a sim card and only pay for the minutes, texts or data that you actually use. Payment must be made in advance of using the phone.

Advantages of PAYG deals:

  • PAYG is a relatively cheap way to own a mobile phone.
  • You only pay for the minutes, text and data you actually use, so no monthly bills and no nasty surprises.
  • No credit is given: a clean credit record is therefore not required.

Disadvantages of PAYG deals:

  • Pay as you go phones do not tend to be the latest and greatest mobile phones, often lacking the latest technology and applications. To be fair this is becoming less of an issue these days with many basic phones having some advanced functionality.
  • If you are a heavy user of your mobile phone you will probably end up paying more on PAYG then if you were to purchase a large usage allowance with a sim only or contract deal.
  • No credit is given: payments for usage must be made in advance so running out of credit can cut your conversation mid call!


So, what is the best deal for you? Generally speaking, if you hardly ever use your phone, then a PAYG deal is recommended. It will be the cheapest option for you in the long run. However, if you’re always on the phone and enjoy social media applications and the latest features, then a contract or sim only deal is recommend.

Having considered the points above I hope this article has made your choice of mobile phone deal a little less confusing!

Cheap Contract Mobile Phone Deals

Contract mobile phone deals have become quite popular among mobile phone users from different age groups and belonging to diverse social and economic strata of society. And there are ample reasons for this trend in the mobile telecommunications sector.

First and foremost, a contract mobile phone deal is often devised on one of the latest mobile phone handset from reputed handset manufacturers such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG and Samsung. The line rentals of these deals are affordable and within the reach of a large section of the population. The tariff options of many such deals are innovative and reflect the calling habits of users.

Thus, a cheap contract mobile phone deals is often the best bet for an avid user of mobile phone. He can get to use his handset, in a manner which gives him the full value for his money. Secondly, he gets to use the latest and most sophisticated handsets, on which many of these deals are devised, without having to pay anything extra! Thus, there is little more that he could wish for!

Another important factor that enhances the popularity of cheap contract mobile phone deals is the flexibility that such deals endow on a mobile phone user. A phone user is free to choose a handset from the multitude of handsets on offer in several online mobile phone shops. Secondly, he can choose a specific deal on a specific handset, which he believes would maximize his welfare and satisfaction, subject to his budgetary constraints. And last but not the least, he can upgrade his handset at the end of the period of contract, with the network operator of his choice. The contracts are usually for 12 months or 18 months. This means that a mobile phone user can remain in tune with the changing times and change his handset every year or once in 18 months. He can thus use the latest mobile phone handset at different points in time.

For all these reasons, phone users are fond of cheap contract mobile phone deals and are constantly on the lookout for the same!

Mobile Phone Deals – Offering You Great Flexibility

So, the mobile phones have become the most useful and needed gadgets for most of the modern people. They have joined in the list of the basic needs of human beings. Having a mobile phone, helps you to take the whole world with you.

Now, the modern gadgets come preloaded with 3G technology features. The WAP and HTML Internet browser features allow you to access or surf websites over the Internet, at anytime. Moreover, you can also send photos and emails to your loved ones. There is no limit for the entertainment features of these handsets. Without going to theatres, you can watch movies on the phones with the help of their video player feature. You can take photos and listen to your favourite music on your phone without any hassles. Like this, the phones have become the inseparable things from the lives of the modern people.

To enjoy all the facilities that are preloaded on the mobile phone deals you have to select any mobile phone deal that is very close and suits to your needs and priorities. Among all the mobile phone deals, the contract deal, pay-as-you-go and SIM free are the most popular deals among the mobile users all over the world.

The users, who go for a SIM free phone can enjoy the freedom of selecting the network of their own choice. They can change the SIM card whenever they want. This is very beneficial for the users, who want to avoid huge roaming charges.

The pay as you go is a deal that allows you to make and receive your phone calls, only if your put some credit on your phone. The mobile users, who want to maintain mobile only for sending messages and to make calls can go for this deal.

Compared to the above two deals, the contract deal is the best one for the modern mobile users as most of them are depending on mobile phones for not only satisfying their basic needs, but also for their entertainment and professional needs. The contract deal users have to sign on a contract that mentions the contract period and the rules and regulations of a particular mobile network, which they are going to be taken. That means, according the contract, the users have to use the same network services up to the end of the contract period. For using a particular mobile network service, the contract deal users have to pay monthly bills.

To improve their business as well as to extend their services to all segments of the mobile users, some of the network providers and retailers are offering cheap mobile phones to the users. These phones are available at cheap rates and come with latest features.

Some of the mobile network providers like O2 Mobile Phones, Orange Mobile Phones, Vodafone, 3G and T Mobile Mobile Phones including some virtual mobile networks are offering different types of tariffs, gifts, discounts and offers to their contract deal users. If you go around the present day mobile market or if you browse the websites over the Internet, you can find many mobile phone offers like free 12 or 18 months line rentals, free talk time, free text messages, free mobile accessories and cash back. Some of the expensive free gifts that are available with a contract deal are the laptops, ipods, Nintendo and x Box gaming consoles, music player, Bluetooth, Sony play station 3 and LCD TVs etc.

Depending on their budget and needs, the mobile users can select best deal among all the available Mobile Phone Deals.